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Acne can cause narrow and depressed scars.

Consider TCA cross (Chemical reconstruction of skin scars) as the first stepping-stone in removing open pores and deep scars known as pitted scars, boxcars, ice-peaks, and linear scars.

TCA cross breaks down scar tissue and stimulates the skin to re-organize and remodel scar tissue to gradually improve.

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Learn about TCA Cross treatment

How is TCA cross performed?

A highly concentrated trichloroacetic acid (TCA 80-90%) is applied at the bottom and edges of the scar with a small brush – this is felt like an insect bite.

The surrounding skin is left untreated. If necessary, treatment of several scars may be performed.

The treatment can be repeated when the skin has healed after 2 weeks. You should expect 2-6 treatments for optimal results.

Can TCA cross be combined with other treatments for acne scars?

TCA cross is often combined with RF microneedling, fractional CO2 lasers, and surgical procedures like subcision and filling at the same treatment session.

TCA cross could be used for repeated sessions to raise deeper scars before laser treatments are finally used in the latter sessions for a final touch.

What are the realistic results of TCA cross?

The result will be seen as a gradual improvement with smoother skin and reduction of pits and scars.

The final result is seen approximately after one month. The effect is permanent.

Before & after TCA Cross treatment

fjern ar med TCA Cross foer fjern ar med TCA Cross efter

TCA Cross pricing

From DKK 2.000,-

Prices start at DKK 2.000,- price varies depending on the quantity of scars.

FAQ about treatment with TCA cross

After TCA cross the scar will appear white (“frosting”), and the surrounding skin will be light red and swollen.

After 2-3 days, a small crust on the skin surface may form, which may be covered with make-up.

As the crust peels after 5-7 days, the treated scar often looks worse, as the skin breaks down to remodel itself.

You should wash your face with a facial cleanser or mild soap twice daily and apply an antiseptic ointment (Fucidine) three times a day until the crusts peel.

Avoid any scratch or fingers, as this may cause infection and scarring.

Avoid sun exposure, use sun protection and sunscreen SPF 30+ for one month prior and after treatment.

The risk for complications is minimal when the procedure is performed correctly.

Complications include infection (if increased blushing, warm sensation, swelling, fever, or oozing occurs, you must contact a doctor to start antibiotic treatment), transient pigmentation changes after the treatment, and worsening of scars (risk after infection and in patients with a history of keloid.)

Itching occurs when new skin layers form.

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